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i will survive poverty

ok i changed my mind. fuck the world! hahahahhahhaahah! im gunna resume back t bitch cool and only normal among friends mode.

super anal im so broke im wanna cry. next mnth new plans to refrain from getting broke. talk about saving. i needa do baby steps. piggy bank into action. no more cards swiping.

but then again i MIGHT be gg t BINTAN! WHOOOOOOOO next mnth. and its the gss. y do this to me god oh y! im starting t be sensible but youre not letting me to! eeeeeee.

my bro’s legs fucking sexy! its not fair. guys doesnt need nice legs lik girls do. joel is right. i really needa attend 2 weeks bmt. hahahaha.
napfa in july i heard. time t start training and keep my physical level up. i shouldn have moved away from bedok. i need some reservoir. getting sick of jogging round the stupid woodgrove park. eeek.

saw wanna today, chopped of her hair and shes looking goodddd. hahaha younger. now i know y all the grannies have got short hair. some punked. hahahah

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