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hold your head higher than your heart

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TAN YANG LING. ahemslutcoughs. LOLS. i said happyyy birthdayy.

yest was sch home town dingtaifeng phuture home. no details sorry. and sorry you know who.

im v tired. mystery shopping later and i decided t be nice and swap w poor sick shikin.

feel like lying on the bed and rot and watch sex & the city the entire day. but too bad daddys home and he got the whole bloody black box all t himself. tsktsktsk.

meeting carol after her mystery shopping w yent followed by mine, and cheesecake if im well enough.


cupcakes are overrated. same goes for everything else in this world.

Your reflection is a blur
Out of focus
But in confusion
The frames are suddenly burnt
And in the end of a roll of illusion
A ghost waiting its turn
Now I see can right through
It`s a warning that nobody heard

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  1. yangs
    May 23, 2008 at 5:06 pm

    yay thanks!

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