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head t toes

its lazedaypamperdaymeday. superly nice.

  • prawn noodle brunch.
  • 3 pc of new clothes in 15mins including a new maxi =D
  • short meet up w yt at kovan t exchange our loot.
  • an extremely weird tasting lettucehoneydew juice w mummy which cleared some bowels. haha.
  • walked home nice chat w mummy hear her complains and all.
  • in my fav ikea white swivel chair w laptop infront, strawberries+barleywater+honeyflakes beside, cleo on lap. =DD
  • sy over t borrow top
  • super happy news from sj n shihui while they shopped for my presentssssssss =DDDDDD

and its dinner time babies.

v v v happy day and im feeling super airheaded. lols.

waxing n lacquering later. jogs and attempt to keep my flabs at bay for this coup of days at least. hahaha

mybirthdayscoming squeals! i love you i love you i loveeeeee you all.
and those suckers suck balls pls. muahahah.
peace before partayyyyy madness.
lets get high crazy and wasted. =D

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