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popsicle day

wanna finally saw my scrapping work and yeap shes v happy w it. “you always give me v good work” followed by a mil thanks. =D
thankyou! =DDD i know im good. hahaha. its a product of endless complains whining and procrastination.
would be better if the stupid printer din jam and destroyed the paper. but well managed t save it.
4 more day till her big day and shes glowing despite all the full shifts. 5 more till mine and im v tired.

saw jane and tt whats her name. i like jane right from the interview and all. asked her about my future work scope after i graduate and she give me the i have no idea look. haha. nice. i’ll be whatever i want.

my selfridge top finally saw daylight after rotting so long in my wardrobe. =D

i cant believe midsems coming so soon! time t switch the brain t alert mood.

cyclops so fucking cute =DDDDDD like totally.

bummed over at pain-in-the-ass’s. super chao geng. sick can eat chocs and all. crap.

donuts craving satisfied! =D and apples for dinner. hahaha

long day tmr.

i needa make an extra effort t sleep early.

ciao ciao!

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