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tea party

if i got t stick anymore satay sticks im gunna stick it up someones arse.
cui. almost done w all the gluing and stuff. almost doneeeee! liberation. repeat i hate scrapping.

im done w my novel lik finally and its the best one so far apart from dee all time fav harh-ray pho-tter!(accent) =DDDDDD

sadded. managed t dig out some info for monday and nope the msg will not be coming true.
but anyhows, i cant bloody wait for the ends and wheeeeee. fuck sch.

monday sucks and im nehverrrrrrrrrrr everrrrrrrrr gg to monday lects anymore.
its like watching pinkpanther movie again and again. horrible.

got the letter from sch and bleah sch on a sat at some WHDAAFUCK 7.45am! damnit just transfer us the cash and email us the cert whatsoever and we’ll print it out ourselves! y deprive me of my sleeeeeep y y y y y y y?!?!?!?! i am so not very please w what i saw.

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