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my nails in a horrible condition. mani and pedi tmr i swear. haha. im to lazy diy. and i need tt for the bimbo module.(ok carol, retail EDP)

speaking of which. i need helpppppppp!
havent do anything super sweet for a mega long time diy somemore. shat. someone tell me what to do. i have no inspirations no materials no nthing. comeon all 24/7 good girlfriends teach me some girly stuffs.
i promised my dearest bff something super sweet & small & compact to cheer him up.

mac griddle meal of whatever crap is tt sucks t the max. gah. dont try it. its so mushy and crappy. lost my adidas wrist pouch w my clips inside *WAILS! bummed the whole day at bff’s and poor guy was super sick he cant even swim n mj. killed 2 mediocre dvds and yt came over after dinner w the med. got back all my stuffs and the “maths bible” he promised my mum. kapoed zara cardi and muahahaha im gunna get my hands on his crumpler backpack soon. well buddy i missed you!

and again, was to come up with a composition on the spot for my lil cousin when im barely awake(yes still in pj’s on the bed and my mum flung tt darn phone on me). dteamit. this time even better, i choose my own topic and have t mindread his lil mind and do it for him. fantastic. really tested my patience. this time something about the goat farm. oh well, anything for my fav aunt and tt lil pumpkin. he better be successful next time and give me lots of money. ate and rushed down t meet carol for some mugging session. oh yes, dont give me that look. i did all my tutorials. and i finally bought my file and pencil lead =D haha. and sun is gunna be my mugging day from now on so no unwanted distractions or temptations pls for my own good. went for my jog alone and somehow it wasnt tt bad anymore. tried a diff route but chickened out halfway cause it was far too creepy. ran like crazy till i turn beetroot. like literally. insanely red.

alrights sch tmr. bon nuit everyone.

everythings pretty much in place =)

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