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i nvr knew

i feel lik crying now after i read about it.

i will die if im in her shoes.

our so called problems is nthing as compared.

come t think of it, we(people who are toubled by puny self inflicted shits.) are being damn silly. have yet to see the real big problems.

stay strong girl.
you are very very brave.
god will be fair to you soon. have faith.

lil superhero girl – you know who you are.

the situation is really half fucked. and im stuck. just hanging there barely breathing. and now i want out. cause im feeling like a totally bitch recently and i dont want tt. things are getting uglier day by day.
im the one t blame im sorry. i just dont wanna see the truth then. like always, living in denial. oh wells. my bad. what you said is true.
bubble burst. and yeap ive got the full pic finally.
easy come easy go. weve tried. im trying t stay positive now and we’ll let nature take its course. youre right, we shouldn force things. i gave up.
bye. and i swear what i said in the past still stands. the times the memories the love the laughters the fun are real.
loved. i’ll still be there if you ever need me. i just cant stand the awkwardness n all the negativities. tt shouldn be the way. timeout.
i wish you well, and pls for old time sake, stop doing all those stupid things. its temporary high and you should know better. its time t wake up and start living properly.

i dont think i needa spell it out. if you managed t understand it you’ll know who are the correspondents.

im sucha drama queen. emoshatcrap


bff’s out. i need my comfort zone. =(

i needa stay sane.

im determined t let tmrs macs breakfast cheer me up.

and right now. i need sleep.

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