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mummy had 3 boys

its official. my pain in the ass bro really came from the same fallopian tube, same uterus as me.

was telling mummy about my plans and future about me learning diving n wind surfing in local waters then start aiming t travel overseas for more extreme sports n adventures. haha, and the mo bro interrupted and said he wanna play the paint ball war bang bang thing after his midyrs i know we are related by blood. IVE BEEN WANTING T DO TT FOR AGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and whooopee, he invited me along. omgsgfgfgfgfgfg.

hahahah and so ive decided t be nice t him. well at least until i g play that PAINTBALL THING! haha. if joel is here, thers one thing he wld say – SLUT.

anyhow today was fine dining marathon.
and the D24 durian mochi is the sex!

and im so fat im so fat i cannot fit a S anymore. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
hahahha, icecream for 4 consecutive days. start screaming now. damnit. LOLS.
its lik telling me – be scared, be v v v v v scared. muahahaha.


OHOHOH! AND THANK YOU LOVER PHUA!!!!! for smuggling back kimchi for me and yesyesyses! the choco & custard pie! even though you are a bai lei i still love you loads. will court marry and have babies w you if im really a lesbian. hahahahahahha.
(shes not a lesbian im just joking.)

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