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club med

went for military band syf finals today. whoooooopeeee! deyi won! best band and best drum major. fantastic, im so proud of my baby brothers! well deserved! =D
and as usual, i cant stand military bands’ music standard.
and im like WTFx1000000000 when i realise nvss participated. was still telling my mum tt the puny band over there have got uniforms like mine. and viola, nvss – cert of pass. LOLS. should see my expression then, priceless. hahaha.

talked t my aunt n uncle and they ask me t pursue a career at club med. checked it out and whoopee, tts where i wanna see myself working at. heheh.

and im still deciding if i should g take up the lifeguarding course and be a certified lifeguard. anyone wanna save the world w me? hahaha.

next sems gunna be damn slack and im thinking of getting a FUN part time job or learn something.
fun job currently meant events planning/management or anything under the sun(which more or less gave me the idea of getting a lifeguard cert).
either tt or i learn anything related t the seaaaaaa weeee, wind surf, scuba so n so forth.
or dancing(im fully aware of how handicapped i am. lols.) and on top of that, it’ll definitely include getting my ass t the driving sch and hurry slap the license in my dads face. he is super sarcastic i cant stand it.

so dear people, its not fun doing all those alone so if youre interested or got any good lobangs pls bring me along. =D

oh well, im damn flabby now. have been eating like a pig for the past mnth. time t control. sigh. =p


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  1. jas
    April 13, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    lets go learn salsa!
    lol stop being a lifeguard! i cant swim for nuts!

  2. pepperonicheese
    April 14, 2008 at 5:27 pm

    LOLS. we have been talking about it for the past sem. LOLS!
    okok, set. 3 modules only sure can. and our driving lessons! hahahahaha

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