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love summer love

works getting tiring day by day. and ive gotten myself involved in so much crap i cant breath. cant wait for 6th. liberation. phew.

class chalet on th 7th 8th 9th. whoo cant wait. some fun finally. hopefully.

joels getting in on the 10th. have yet t feel the sadness/loneliness/emptiness just yet. cause im far t busy for anything else but work work work work work work and more work, okay you get the drift. let just say im reliving my project madness days. hahaha, spare you guys the misery of listening to my whining for the time being.

but dearest BFF(j), i know you might feel neglected and tt i dont care blahblah. untrue. i’ll be crying to you soon enough when the reality hit me hard. i still love you a whole load. haha. just too tired t be emo for the mo. and ive got so much hot gossips bitch!!!! shit, so many crap so little time.

somehow, i think im becoming a lil wee bit stronger and independent without all my loverpills by my side 24/7. either tt im just drowning myself in tons n tons of work so it doesnt seems so bad. haha.

i reeeeeeeeeallly miss my limyt and her nonsense. ongsj and our towning shopping act glam days and i havent step into zara men ever since your prom days mister. hahah. joeldc and our swimming days(when i feel like swimming) then later sing our way to hg mall and rot at your house for dvds. miss ngsh w your retarded fantasy, i miss snorting at it and talk about life and how people sometimes amaze us w their stupidity. ok, actually i miss more of karaoke/mj/cluedo sessions at your house and i miss your mum’s spag more. hahahahahahah! oh bloody speaking of food im missing joel’s mum curry chicken. swears the best in the world. chewy, jas and all youre on the list too. on top of all those missing, im missing the days where we explore new places engage in activites TOGETHER, getting all hyped up and rara. thats what i called living a life.

so listen up you old people. time t stretch your bones and do something TRUELY fun and exciting pls. dinner sessions are for old rags(all 10 fingers pointing at joel) and plenty t come for us. hahahah. dont waste my hols!

wheres the summer?! wheres the sun?!

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