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“drop tt calamari or you’ll die.”

because its from marche!
and so now im suffering. bah!

(and cause i wont have the time t be online tmr night so just pretend its 18th march 12.01am now.)

Jacq love:
im glad i get t know u better bitch. haha. and more than happy t have you around. not many peeps can tolerate my nonsense and temper and im glad you cld! haha. stay lovely sweet. and dont worry about anything else. we love you the way you are. not all the time. but well, mostly. hahaha! you know what i mean. happybirthday pornie!

Wana(i dont even know if u get t read this):
i love you and thank you for all the mango discounts! muahahaha. i love working w you and the entertainment from you is priceless! and ultimately thanks big time for helping me out, teaching me how t survive, coming t my rescue be it toilet trouble or paperwork madness. =D muacks! stay crazy and happy always even if you become a mummy! i cant believe youre getting engaged! *squeals
happy birthday!

and so, im gunna be quite broke this mnth.


i still dont get y ALL guys wanna watch waterhorse. plus tt thang is no where near cute! hideous more lik it!
dont believe me? grab any male beside you and ask what movie he wanna watch. i confirm chop waterhorse’s one of the choices. else hes gay.

i feel so darn sad every time i hear the song dancing queen. cause i’ll nvr be 17 ever again (here i g again~)
oh and if you guys havent seen miss swan’s version of dancingqueen(which means you = laggard! HA!) hurry g youtube now.

im read deprived.
i ran out of novels. and i havent got the time t visit a bookshop.
and stupid cleo isnt out yet.

i hate manicures.
cause it can nvr last a day. no worst still an HOUR! on my hands. =(( WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!
nvr failed t wrecked it. dtamnit.

darn sad cause the 2 dresses i saw online was gone. =(
well at leas someones happy tt her expensive lil girl saved some money and wont be worried when i wore those 2 “minute pieces of fancy cloth” out.

speaking of which i dont get why the freaking hell num have an advertorial in WAN BAO!
readership profile is not even their target grp!
and i thinkk my mum knows how much ive spent on tt bikini. dteamit.
and i thought ive destroyed all evidences.

alrights bye!
im packed way up t the eyeballs.

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  1. jAcKoMi
    March 17, 2008 at 9:52 am

    hahahaha… thanks!!! =)

  2. shihui
    March 18, 2008 at 3:19 pm

    lend me p.s i love you!!!! oh ya and….

    p.s i love you.

    wahhah cant resist it, just have to type this retarded ass shit thing
    🙂 misses

  3. pepperonicheese
    March 19, 2008 at 4:42 pm

    come get it from me la! u know where i work. haha.
    yes i know. hahaha

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