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crush cube

things tt i really really really wanna d before i die.

  • scuba dive
  • sky dive
  • learn surfing ( well at least the basic)
  • fly a plane
  • yacht trip. yooooooooooochh!
  • do the flying fox thing in aust
  • trip t all the fantastic beaches in the world
  • europe trip
  • hiking
  • backpacking trip
  • wakeboarding

tts all i can think of now.
haha, i needa be a rich ass. and i needa find activities partner. then i’ll die a happy person.

kinda sad ar, 19 yrs and ive only done 1.

ok seriously, im starting t feel the pain and agony of having t redo and reprepare for the presentationS. yes SSSSSSSSS.
pain in the ass! =((((

As out, secretly thank god i din choose tt path. crying my lungs out isnt fun.
cheer up babies. and proud of those who did well.

owells, dont worry, we’ll all be successful somehow. =D have faith. even if were not, were still gunna be happy souls. life isnt all tt.

and last but nt least. im fine peeps. nvrm me and my past boohoo entries. emo bugs gone! whoopes! ive got sunshine~

uncanny similarities. my god, tell me whats gg on.

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