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next up on shopping list, maxi dresses dress. =D
9 more days till pay day. 11 more days till fugly uniform working days.

swimming later. cause someones apparently feeling healthy and hyper. while on the other hand, its more of a cycling, dvding mode for moi

jol n jacq says ive got nice bellybutton. *gush. LOLS.
stil contemplating t pierce or not. since i no longer have hockey whatsoever.

this is the legendary mai shen qi.

(b) that, subject to the requirements of the Course, she will serve all relevant work attachments as required under the Course with SASA and shall, to the extent that she is sent to any place of attachment other than SASA pursuant to the Course, report and surrender to SASA any and all allowances/remuneration, whether in money or money’s worth, which she may receive for any work or service performed by her in consideration of such attachment;

(c) that she will not, at any time during the Course, resign as an employee or otherwise engage in any act which will render her in breach of her obligations to SASA under the terms of her employment contract; and

(d) that she will, upon her successful completion of the Course, serve SASA in any position deemed appropriate by SASA for the entire duration of the Bonded Period upon the terms and conditions for the time being applicable to her employment

how depressing. haha. the things people do for money.

im trying t find loopholes in the contract.


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