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some un-pw updates


  1. am BROKE TO THE MAX! relapse. yes. ok laaaaaaaa. i promise its just these 2 mnths, just let me get my life back alrights. been very deprived for the past sem. serious!
  2. am crazy over tanning , am on the risk of getting skin cancer already. haha. fri’s tanning(mildly tanned), todays a flop, and one more on the coming wedwedwed! oh dear god. plsssssssssssss gimme one good tanning session and i’ll stop for good. interested peeps just gimme a call yea!
  3. i take back the sentence about me disliking volleyball. hahah, its really damn fun. and im kinda addicted though currently suffering from all sorts of bruises and stuffs from incorrect method of hitting the ball. my hands look like those in pictures of maids being abused. no sir no~ no sir maria wash clothes sir. omgs sounds so wrong. lols.
  4. 1 proper meal a day routine t stop myself from expanding.
  5. am feeling more lively and happier.
  6. As results out on fri! im praying hard for you guys!
  7. my own results out on 13th. ahhhhh! i want my 3 points! least!

past events,

fri- tanning session, BOSSES for brunch cum dinner, town w jas, haircut at REDS.
sat- movie w lovers(oh mans, i hate japanese movie. its so damn retarded), timbre for a bite(seriously i think the place is quite nice if we managed t get the outdoor seats w the live band), then boatquay for a drink(alcohol on a empty, or slightly empty stomach is seriously not good)
sun- hardcore rotting
mon- tanning in the morning w ahphua and sy(which failed badly, weathers terrible), lousy food at white dogs cafe(or whatever is tt called), dhoby w junkays

sooooooooo, ive got offically one more week and a few more days for hardcore fun before works starts.
so peeps start asking me out!
and yesyesyes. MR JOEL DENG CHONG WILL BE THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE! top priority and all. be honored bitch! cause someone will be losing his freedom soon. boohoo=(((((((
joel! swimming session(yesyesyes, i’ll g get a proper swimsuit soon!), tanning session, kbox session, cycling session, rotting at your house, mj-ing, and SHOPPING PLS!, and of course if u want we can wear back our sec sch uni and g take neos. hahahaha. aww buddy, i’ll miss you!

next tues jalan kayu prata session and wed cycling session w junkays. seriously, its not a problem if we dont see it as one. like how it is in the beginning. its just sch and projects tt reduced the communications among all, and getting used to it takes some time and yes effort. i acknowledge the issues raised and all and yeap, definitely more room for improvements. just hope that this tension/awkwardness/strain would be gone asap. Singapore can do it, im sure we can too. LOLS.
http://perforatedjunk.wordpress.com/2006/09/ – classic t the max! omgs weve changed drastically

there are reasons y you chose someone t be friends w in the 1st place. but sometimes life just made us forget about the simple things that made it so wonderful. i admit im one of those who give up on people easily, but im sure at least for that handful of you, im not gunna give up without a fight. cause t me youre worth it.

nuff said.

needa get some sleep soon! project day tmr. bleah

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