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its a bit early t say this now. but im gunna f miss sch life. hahahah. so emo.
yes, the stress periods and mugging sessions are no doubt crappy and dreadful, but at least there hope and something t look forward t in life. and its somehow enriching. and more real, less complicated. as compared t working life of course.

was reflecting and thinking about my life so far and im really thankful, im really a lucky/fortunate piece of bread.

and my childhood is seriously full of fun crap. =D

no matter what phase im in, i’ll always have a bunch of friends and family around me.

i was a brat and princess in the preschool days. getting in and out of trouble. throwing tantrums t get what i want. suck up t adults and teachers to get attention. was the only child in the family then, had plenty of love and attention. nthing was lacking. i had the best of everything.

lower pri sch i see myself trying hard t excel in whatever crap i can get my hands on, being teachers pet, being bossy, being monitor, just like t be the center of attention and get as much compliments as possible. haolianing t my parents blahblah, was a literally like blossom in the powerpuff girls. hahahha anal i know. start learning how t deal w people, refrain myself, curbed my temper ever since upper sec. its then when i realised that im no longer the boss of everyone, and things are different now. i learn how t socialise learn how t grow up. process was painful hahah, unhappiness and stuffs. but well, at least ive learnt. was thankful that i met a wonderful grp of friends that left me plenty of unforgettable memories. had a group, had our moments, had our fun. we got into trouble, got out of it, quarreled, got tog again, explored, learn and grow up tog. even though most of us had went our separate ways now (smartypants chengluan in nj previously, larissa in cj, seying in aj, huifen in tp hospi, me n kahern in the same course now, sokkiang in nyp?opps. hahah and many other lovely people that i failed t keep in contact), thinking of the days whereby we sing at the back of the bus during excursions, play pranks on mdm kour, chilling around in kahern house, caption ball competitions, nvr failed t make me smile.

sec sch was a blast. and the best thing of all is t be able to acquaint w my marvelous grp of retards, become bffs and now, still rotting sticking tog after all these years. its till death do us apart kinda thing. hahahah. we will be there for each other weddings, see one another age, have high tea tog, retire and grow old tog, and visit each other at the graves. haha. this seriously doesnt comes easily. theyve tolerated all my bad temper, me being super unreasonable, my mood swings, my unglamness to the max max max, my bad points, my soap operas, volcano eruptions, blahblah, everything! theyre literally like my family members and plus the fact tt they hang out fine w my mum and aunts are super plus points. they form my comfort zone and somehow i dont find it a need to actively make as many friends as possible anymore. like crm, maintaining the relationship is easier and less taxing than getting new ones. hahahah. so if im unfriendly blame them.

come poly, ive met people of all shape n sizes. and somehow, ive met another group of v mismatched buddies. mismatched as in, we are so darn different yet we can hangout. we had different values, different personalities, different manymany things. im seriously damn amused sometimes by the irony. hahaha. but same time thankful. they are insane, lovely and darn sweet. perfect! =D

of course here and there ive met many other wonderful characters in my life and i seriously do acknowledge the impact they had on me. though sometimes people come and go, they still mean something. and yes, even people that gave me hell, made me cry, made me hate them so much i wanna rip them apart. then. im not totally blinded by the unhappiness in the later part that took us apart. i dont hate for long. i still rmb the good days we had.

oh man! nostalgia!

feel like listening t those old sch music from old boybands(westlife, backstreetboys, A1, nsync) now.

bye bye bye

cant wait t meet my lovers up on fri and sat mahjong session! tsktsktsktsk. cny is over and we are still gambling. what is this. hahaha

needa get a new pair of thin strap havis, new everyday bag, new beach bag, new pair of shades, new wallet

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