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gummy bears scare me

it would have cheered me up plenty w just a word of concern.
you knewed.

i wish you din.

blah whatever.

so not in the mood for all these mudane shits.

stucked in sch.

still stucked w A&P. A&P A&P A&P like forever.

this morning is insane, I HATE CAB SNATCHERS! for a fully illustrated story w dramatic demostrations and sound effects call me n ask. i quarrelled w 2 fat hippos early in the morning who have the cheek to snatched my cab tt i waited for 15mins, right in fornt of me somemore. i hope they die. seriously. DIE. it almost cost me my grades. argh, im still fuming mad. should have just die die sit in the bloody cab n refuse to budge. dont let me see them again.
seriously the female hippo really look like fuck. ugliest mutant ever. ahhhhhhhh, im still super angry!

anyhow, tmrs presentation n my voice is damn sexy now. hahaha. random shit. i hope i dont lose my voice over night, if not twin love is gunna so mince me.

ok back to A&P ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

(fyi, i dont do insults unless my pissed level is 10/10. still saint =D)

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