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today was damn bad.
woke to realise my rmt shirt is in washing machine.
screwed. thankgod feli left hers over at 1st ave.
nvrm, bastard cab driver pissed the shit outta me. i swear i should have just left the stupid door open and throw the spare coins at his fucking bird face instead of slamming it shut. i cant stand stupid cab driver. and this one have got a bastard attitude. i shouldn have paid.

realised ive spent like 1/4 of my mnthly allowance on cab fees alone. this is damn bad. i needa cut down. ive been cabbing every single day t sch.

crm screwed. we’re getting no where. no progress and i seriously cant stand this. i hate not getting anything done.

left sch at 10. reached hgmall at 11 instead n sh had to leave. sorry love. my bad.
went over to the funeral alone. i hate funerals as much as i hate the fact that people have to die and no one can do anything about it.

and im feeling rotten tt ive havent got the time to visit my grandpa, its been like 4? days since he fell and was hospitalised. i feel damn selfish, all i care was my projects when i really should be there.
have i become those people whom i totally look down on? those people that only care about themselves and neglect everyone around. those people whom i hurl insults at, in dramas who wasnt there when their family needed them cause they are simply too busy with their lives.
im disgusted.

people attend funerals cause someones dead.
but where are you when they are still alive?
when you can actually be there and make things turn out alright, make someone feel better, and actually able to make changes.
y be there when u cant do anything about it.

i hate funerals.
i hate stupid cab drivers.
i hate undone projects.
i hate.

what a hateful entry.

im tired. fucking tired. i wanna be the one who says, ha, im done with my part. and i can jolly well spend the rest of my time on my own stuffs. and ive got plenty on my hands now. seriously i kinda hope tt im the one hospitalised. at least i’ll just have to concentrate on getting well. and theres still plenty of love from everyone.

my god, y am i so stressed up?!!!! shrieks.

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  1. shi hui
    January 29, 2008 at 1:29 am

    Hey Jia you dont worry everyone will be like that in some part of their life, if one cant even keep control of their own life how can they help others? So just concentrate on your projects now and settle other stuff once this done, but just keep your cool and control ur temper k hhaah šŸ˜€ love ya JIAYOU!

  2. pepperonicheese
    January 29, 2008 at 7:26 am

    lols. i realised youve increased the number of punctuations in your sentences.
    haha. thanks love.

  3. shi hui
    January 30, 2008 at 7:04 am

    hhaah yah i know, i use to write non stop without any punctuation at all. ha ..guess too used to writing essays on computer than the habits just came about lolz. jiayou!

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