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hurray, one project down.

im so darn tired. mentally and physically.

i seriously think tt reports can make people permanently retarded.
after A&P, my reaction time dropped to the max. same goes for my lappy. it think its dying.
(mental note: get a cooler for lap before it starts melting) ok maybe i should just let it die and i can psycho daddy for a new one. =D

was supposed to meet my crm grp for projects today, but decided to give the girls a break cause josh’s down with projects fever.
its gunna be some insane rushing starting tmr.

planned to wake up and get the framework up for crm.
but instead went to kovan to hunt for a nice file for A&P(but to to avail), acc sj t get his mc, stoned a lil, and get frustrated with A&P, help mel with her report, and im gunna rush over hgmall to meet cx to get our appendix, head over to jacqs to print out the remaining projects, pray tt the binding shop dont close, drop our blood n sweat into the blardee yellow box.

im sosososososoososososososososo exhausteddddddd.

n im terribly sorry to my lovely grpmates who kena my temper. i just cant help it.
feed me with sugar.


  • commskills test on thurs
  • fashion consultation on thurs n the only thing ive done was to decide tt my collection will be on D&G. shitness to the max.
  • A&P presentation run through on thurs
  • crm due on fri
  • A&P presentation on fri

cui, stoning is bliss.

mum is suffering from immense heartache. she dont usually gamble but apparently, since yest, sheve got a very strong feeling that our unit number is gunna come out for 4D, and in different arrangement somemore. and she saw many cues this morning. and she even mention the numbers to my dad out of the blue.
viola, it came out as top price and even consolation.(if im not wrong) and shes whining nonstop now.

haha. poor thing.

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disfavored careers:
personal assistant, wedding planner, travel agent, secretary, interior decorator, clerical employee, government employee, social worker, pre school teacher, copy editor, child care worker, hospitality worker, occupational therapist, home maker
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