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i dont understand how someone can be so stupid.
the problem with our store is that the girls are too shy to actually be seen buying bikinis. peer pressure or self conscious whatever loserish reasons i dont care.
and i cant believe a guy was actually allocated to mend the store. fantastic.

ok i might be wrong about the allocation. but comeon la. shafiqah told me there were actually browsers but no one was there to tend the shop. and our bloody sales today is a big fat 0. worst ever. and its suppose to be open house. i cant tell u how mad i am. i wanted to be there but was told there was sufficient staffs. look what happened.
whos gunna be responsible for our losses. you?!

arghhhh. im darn pissed. 0 sales. how pathetic.

was totally demoralised today when i got back my grades for my collection. big fat D. wanted to cry. then again, blame myself for the last min work. failed in the execution. art is the only thing that guarantee results based on the amount of time and effort you put in. im gunna make sure i get an A for the final one.
thank god my sketch book gotten a B.

crm an A – was seriously a pleasant surprise. pathetic amount of effort put in
a&p a C- depressing on the other hand. i studied lik crazy.

sch aside.

finally decided that i should so something about those pesky lards happily wobbling around my thighs and tummy areas. jogged till i turned tomato red.
and i seriously dislike jogging on my own. =(((((( booooo.
went at a earlier time just to please my mum, and i hate it. there is like 5?6? girls jogging over there and i seriously hate the invisible competition hanging in the air as well.

and omgs, pls tie your stupid hair up if you wanna jog. theres this girl whos constantly flipping her hair while jogging(well, at least for her, jogging meant ass shaking and moving as fast as the people strolling by.) and i dont get y she wanna do that. hurray for her if shes there to attract attention, cause she definitely got mine and i think those ahpeks too.

hahah, realised my entries recently are darn grouchy and negative.
o wells. cant blame. havent been really happy.
lets hope something better comes along to perk things up.

ciao babies. gunna get some fluid in and on me, and hello CYC report.

pretty sky this evening.

cute guys are getting shorter and shorter, hahaha, right feli?

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