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stress level to the max. and i predict it’ll go up even higher.

i wanna screamm man. have to redo the bloody A&P and im still doing all those orderings for bikini bar. and i still have to do up a proper chart/recording system to estimate how much we are gunna get the nxt time and all.

ok chill wong chill.


  1. finish the bloody ordering by 2am.
  2. get my 8 hrs of sleep cause i cant die so soon, ive got another bloody crm project tt ive yet to start on
  3. go sch for opening at 12.30 – get stocks at 2.30 – back to sch to stock up till 6.30pm max – home asap – A&P till i die
  4. sleep with whtever lil time i had left
  5. compilation – sch for fashion presentation – jog – compliation
  6. fri night settle the bloody chart.

ok go wong go. breathe.
im boycotting esprit. it kills my shopping mood. today wasnt a fantastic shopping session. shouldn have went out tonight. bloody. and im still having post purchase dissonance. should have gotten the other pair of jeans too instead.

whatever. its war tonight. and another busy day tmr. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! someone help meeeee. =((((((((((((((((((

need to check out my grades tmr. pls let it be happy news.

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