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bikini bar bayeh!

alrights dudes and dudettes!

BIKINI BAR IS 99.9% DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thankyou thankyou thankyou! cant tell u how happy i am when i hear people complimenting it. keep it coming thankyou. lols.
we rocks in VM babies! =DDDD
love you guys to the max.

photos up soon! or u can see traces of it in jacqs/twins facebook/friendster/blog already.
but seriously, photos doesnt do it justice.

do come down 1st avenue to support us and the other groups as well! opening on mon till the end of the mnth! and we’ll even be opened on sat(open house week only) =)))
(ahem joel n sj, i dont care i wanna see your faces. haha. swear its so much better then the previous time!)

free zouk tics for every $70 spend in beach bay(which includes my happy lovely store) and alley street. tc applies.
not bad rightttttttttt. haha. and i swear the guys tees and berms are really v nice this time. i even went to try it out. hahahah.

and seriously you’ll be in for a visual overload when u step in 1st ave. think all of us have done a really good job. =D

and weve got a pos now! hahaha.

sch aside.

canadian pizza’s hanakatso is really fantastic to the max! beats pizza hut’s hawaiian(my all time fav.) go try it people. reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaallllly damn nice. eaten 4 times and still craving for more.

jacq, thank me! free publicity! haha.

jacq aside.

think im getting sick again. AGAIN! *#%^@@!(&$^&@^!$@^%!!!!!!!!!!!

gunna get my daily doses of flord’s orange/nutri’s waterchestnutsugarcane/m.maid’s applecran/voda to make sure i dont die during this period of nonstop insane depressing deadlines choinging.

sick aside.

think ive found myself a new homepage. LOLS!
gargoyleeeeeee. hehehehehe. (zomgs! hehe? eww. not the bimbo laughterrrrrrrrrrr.) gosh
eyes soaked in glucose.

sugar rush aside.

twin love pls snap out of it! how long have it been already! get out of the damn whirlpool! 08! new yr! new everything! get rid of all the old ones! clearance! wheres your pride girl? dont emo anymore k.
if not im gunna storm to your house and start some major deleting soon. haha.
ok la, i know you can do it. youve got us all dear. and a 2/3 bf. or is it 3/4?
twin aside.

gotten a rolling stone tunic tee and a funky beachmat this week! =D
but im still craving for more hardcore retail therapy. which i dont think i have the time for, judging from the amount of work on hand. might even have to settle my cny shopping online. gayness. its like ages since ive stepped into a proper store. cant believe ive missed out on all those crazy post christmas sale.

shopping aside.

time to dig out my btt stuffs and start some reading yo! wish me luck people! =D

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