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wearing off

ive been procrastinating for days with my rj. now its like barely 2 para and ive yet to touch my btt stuffs(covered in layers of dust) which im gunna be sitting for this sat(hahahah! after half a yr of procrastination)

it would be so much easier if its in interview style. u ask, i give intelligent answers, u pen them down.

i hate doing the last part.
seriously! if i could pen them down, i’ll be jk rowling number 2. not miserable(ok not really miserable, just so u can see the contrast) nobody in tp rmt struggling with her rj.
an occasion is coming soon and this yr i cant help feeling a lil depressed. i dont know why. im actually dreading it.
my tian, someones words are all coming true. bloody.

i cant stand my dad. he smokes all day long. i hate smokers. if u wanna kill yourself, pls do jump down the building now. y kill someone else in the process. worst still, die halfway and be a burden when u get all sorts of funny collectible diseases.
im gunna give him one more yr. i’ll threaten to smoke he dont cut his intake.
its smoking or his daughters health.

but then again, he’s gunna rent a car for cny cause i mentioned a week ago. i asked him if theres transport, and if his company lorry will be available.(yes lorry whats your problem. beats traveling in sbs ok. stylo milo.) and said i dont wanna take public transport and squeeze with all those funny people when im all dressed up.
and i told him i want a big car cause all of us have got long legs. i think he is looking around for one now.

see, my dad is an ass.

if u see snow thing. means your com in infected with the latest virus. shut down now!

ok chill pill.
im just joking. lols.

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