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lets get wasted.

new yr is depressing.
it means no more 18 hello 19 which also means 1 more yr to the BIG NUMBER 2.
which means old. which means we have been wasting our lives on nthing. which means we are obliged to be mature and sensible. which means old which means old which means old old old old OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD. AGING. booo. AGING. which means botox and taxes and wheelchairs.

haha. wth. hello 2008.

no resolutions for me cause im nvr gunna do it.

i cant wait for cny! my hongkong eh peng yao doris cum my ex-sm ar, ask me over for jacuzzi/tanning/swimming/bbq session with the rest of my colleagues on day 2. yays! =D

ok back to rj

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