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santa’s socks

been busy with work work and more work. THANK GOD ITS OVERRRRRRRRRRR! cue project work. dang!

celebrated LIM YANTING’S 18th on 22 lapse 23. rushed over like some crazy women with the spongebob balloon flying all over. it was the gayest birthday song sang hor QUEENIE. lols! we told the staff at manhanttan her name was queenie. her choice between tt or PRINCESS. hahaha. thus i almost died laughing when the whole place boomed with the birthday song. cake was fantastic but i still love the bakerzinn one.
camwhoring at clarke and i think i really look lik a tranny with makeup on and my breadface expanded like nvr before. photos up later, maybe.
home at around 3am.
and 22nd was the 1st time i ever heard of something called the night rider. and they almost made me thought tt singapore was so cool to have something lik those in harry potters. but apparently i was wrong. they DONT SEND YOU TO YOUR DOORSTEP you kukus, rephrase your sentence.
and SJ you are so freaking missed. =((
celebration isnt as great without you. and nobody to cab home with sucked big time.

SPEAKING OF CAB! OMGZXZXZXZXZXZZXZXXXXXXXXXZZZZZZZZZ! im gunna be so brokeeeeee. y the incrementtt. im damn irritated. im gunna be so broke. i neeeeeed a chauffeur. totally detest public transport.
wanted to learn bike cause of the thrill and its a cheaper alternative to a car but my parents totally against the idea. asked me go ahead and learn if i wanna die. -.-

lucky shihui flying over to hk. boooooooo.

23 was supposed to be work followed by tehs house for a prechristmas celebration. somehow it was cancelled, thank god i did not order the beard papa puffs yet. was feeling all sick topped with the period of the month and super tired with work and some major lack of sleep , was pretty glad i could get home to rest. feeling crappy. keep popping strepstels at work and theres this girl who kept coughing and sneezing nonstop for days. and right at me somemore. argh.

so all those late nights, insufficient sleep, unhealthy food, germs lurking around, dusty workplace, unhealthy lifestyle has finally made me sick. ON CHRISTMAS EVE.
running nose, puffy eyes, major headache, coughs, soreest sorethroat ever(and i totally lost my voice), nuaseaous, perfected with a day 3. great just great. horribly great.

really feel lik dying now. and ive got totally no mood for christmas. just wanna stay at home and snuggle up.
crappy christmas.
was supposed to head over my aunts house for the celebration then meet up poldars later in the night for countdown or meet up joel and company for town or mahjong session. sigh. totally dont feel lik gg anywhere.

seriously, i think this christmas have got nthing really special. i dont feel so excited like i always do. getting old huh.
i dont even care how im gunna celebrate my christmas. and for the 1st time ever, i din even shop for anything for christmas. not even getting something nice to wear for the day.
guess im so caught up with work and have been so busy recently tt all i want for christmas is a nice rest before another week of intense project rushing. no more glam activites whatsoever.

alrights. im dying.

gunna go watch it again! =D



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  1. December 24, 2007 at 9:20 am

    ahaha. major post. so long la. anw stop being so shagged time to meet up w the poldars ar! loves šŸ˜€

  2. pepperonicheese
    December 25, 2007 at 8:55 am

    hahaha. alrightsss! you can see me in sch to set up 1st ave everyday now. lols.
    love you babe! merry christmas!

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