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i havent been excercising.
havent been sleep early.
have been eating nthing but unhealthy food.
health deteriorating.
i find no motivation at work, simply just a ugly lifeless thing moping around waiting for time to pass. yes, i showed 0 interest and 0 initiative. hahaha. and i think the supervisor thinks im useless n lazy. and those old birds shoot daggers from the mouth and somehow think im some useless piece of crap who get a ridiculous amount of money every month. cant really blame them cause i havent been performing. and shit crap, im given shit jobs again. back to unchallenging, demoralising, no brainer, zero sense of accomplishment tasks. sigh.

bros out in camp for 6 days.
todays the 1st and i already feel so lonely alone in my room.
pls come back soon my lil bro. (and pls die outside the other one and dont come back)

alrights. nights.

i wanna go hk on my nxt hols! any takerssssssss?

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