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holiday specials

one last paper to kill. i must get it right this time.
2 out of the 3 papers killed are done halfheartedly.
ironically im only confident in RAP. soooooo, in order to be a step closer to my 3 points target this sem. CRM must score.

so doodles. im gunna take a nap then hellooo notes.

im packed packed packed after exams.

tmrs theres project meeting, fashion lesson=), then meet jas up for dinner. at timbre maybe. yeaps! craving for some fine dining. haha.

after tmr will prob get a good rest in the morning then meet joel for his sis birthday party at night. haha. i wanna shop for my darkpurple stockings and grey step-ons and maybe a new pumps! shopping date anyone?! hahah.

sat will be lunch/movie date with my beloved srjc gang! then head over to gramps house for a birthday celebration.

sun will be spending sometime on projects maybe? then hopefully the weather is good for some swimming/tanning session. and see if i wanna head over to dempsey to help out for the overnight party.

and followed be a week of hardcore workkkkkkkkinggg. come visit me babies.
sat midnight sales will not be my problem cause its gunna be the one day advance birthday celebration for my favourite babe limyanting at the balcony! party! legal babe!

sun after work will be an early xmas celebration with poldars over at tehs crib! =D cant wait man. definitely full of fun shit. our vrs of deal or no deal and the crappiest 5$ christmas exchange in the universe. hahahaha.

mon will be a cosy celebration with the fam over at my aunts, and theres gunna be a brand new christmas tree i heard! =D might be heading over to feli’s pub over at the night with the rest for countdown. wheeee.

christmas will definitely be doing nthing but resting relaxing and rotting.

after which, projects im all yours. say hello to high level of stress.

alrights. presenting you my holiday plan. which is still gunna be even more packed cause i realised i have yet to include chilling sessions and dates with my lovessssss. ah shit. and i want tanning sessions! lucky feli gg over to some ulu place for jet skiing. im so jealous.

ok. byee

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  1. shihui
    December 12, 2007 at 1:41 pm

    I LOVE YOU u little toots…u always understand what i am going thru regardless what the situation is. Though there are stoopid times when u pretend u cant…rmb..loves call ya again, good luck 4 ur last paper 🙂

  2. pepperonicheese
    December 12, 2007 at 1:49 pm

    of course! i did it to piss you. hahaha.
    so you better buy something good from hk for meeeeeee. hahahaha. 1hr19mins22secs – duration. wer back shihui. hahahaha.

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