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melted icings frozen limbs.

im v v v extremely stubborn. which i strongly believe will cost me my life. maybe when im old, i die die also wanna eat nthing but oatmeal(eww, but old and sick people eats tt right?) but theres all the old people food in the world for me but just no oatmeal. and i’ll keep insisting and insisting tt i eat oatmeal. so in the end, i’ll die from hunger. ok not bad. i still can joke now.

i realised i can heal myself. its quite pathetic though. to be self sufficient. at least i wont commit suicide tt easily. ok. this is getting more and more depressing.

im super stressed up now. and im to bame. tt explains the tears and all cause the only person who can make me cry is myself. im being stupid now crying over really pointless stuff. i dont even wanna talk to anyone, cause its gunna be again, v v v pointless. and im utterly disappointed in people. i dont wanna trust anyone anymore. maybe just my parents. they are the greatest and im sorry for being such a brat. again. threw tantrums the whole day and my parents tried their best to fulfill my everything and traveled to and fro to get me the things i should have prepared in advance. and all i did was raise my temper and snap at them. not proud of it but proud to have them as my parents. you cant get anyone as supportive as them.

fashion is barely done. yes, i shouldn sacrifice precious time and effort for stuffs tt i now realise is not worthy of my time. what have i been doing man. so much for being nice. everyones started revision already.  it will be so much better, if not for all the disappointments.

so, ive decided to forgo everything tt i shouldn be doing and concentrate on the should dos. 3 points. wait for me.
i need to be a selfish ass and re priorities the important stuffs in life.

i just hate it when i have to blame myself for everything tt doesnt turn out right.
feeling darn terrible now. y must all the negative emotions come in one shot.

i hate it when im disappointed.
i hate it when i cannot do anything about things.
i hate feeling helpless.
i hate stress.
i hate hating.
i hate to be wrong.

shall go blast some music and sleep all these crap away. i’ll be fine. as always.
gotta stop whining and get control.
im hungry. i need food.

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  1. joel
    December 5, 2007 at 2:50 am

    Stress only. No kick for ah wang



  2. pepperonicheese
    December 5, 2007 at 3:10 am


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