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karma on the boobies!

barf midsem barf barf barf.
im packed to the max.
im gunna be so packed i think im gunna be so dead. whoooo it rhymes. ok darn lame.
tmrs gunna be lect, print notes for midsems, get all my materials ready to chiong my fashion project due on thurs, go get vm stuffs for our bikini bar, home and do nthing but fashion.
wed im gunna wake up freaking early to finish up my fashion(hopefully plsplspls if not im gunna be so dead! sigh!), town in the evening to collect my stuffs and meet up with my fav people in the world for some dinner then off to meet the rest, party my night away.
thurs morning is chionging for whats undone for fashion(hopefully nthing cause i really want my sleep), off to sch for fashion submission, off to ikea with poldars for our weekly dinner session, then home sweet home to prepare for interview role play on fri.
fri gunna be roleplay in sch, a&p tut(pukes and ive got warning letter already, damnit), off to 1st ave for setting up hopefully, and maybe go for the pri sch gathering if my two lovers are gg. not im gunna go home and start some hardcore mugging.

weekends are strictly mugging and more mugging. ive been missing to much lects and tuts i ought to be ashamed. broke all my promises for myself and im really gunna force myself to get into the mood. i want to see my 3 points again.

midsem week im gunna do nthing but mug. i swear i wont allow a entry that have anything to complain tt im procrastination or whatsoever.

after which will be tanning sessionsssssss! YAYS! and im gunna make it up to my dear old sr gang and hurry plan a gathering, my 2 loves belated birthday celebration, date with sl and joel, and i needa decide if i wanna quit B&J.

speaking of work. i cant believe what ive gotten myself into. drats.
planned the treasure hunt thing for B&J’s 16 dec night in a mere 30mins, send it, read the reply and realised ive gotten myself into some massive work. ohuh. haha. so much for being low profile.
went down sasa today and my sm have already prepared work for me and said she miss me. wawawa. good and bad man seriously. tt proves im capable, but also means more work. hahah.
my hols are gunna be hell packed too. projects are haunting me already. my oh my. i really dont have time to work.

but then again, im super tempted to call innotrek up and tell them ive changed my mind and wanna start my camps pronto. hahahah. i wanna play.

ok to hell with all this mundane stuffs.

important note:

HELP NEEDED! its a season of celebrations and i bet you people out there will have got plenty of booze. plsplsplsplpslspls save the empty bottles for meeeeeeee. i desperately need it for my vm for bikini bar. plsplsplspls donate/lend meeeeeee. i will love you plenty. and calling people who have got wine glasses(not those for shots but those taller ones for vodka or wine) plsplsplpslpslsplsplsplspslpslsplsp to the power of 10 lend it to me. i promise to take care of it not i’ll pay for any damages. need around 20 to 30 of such. plsplsplsplsplspspslpslsplsplsplslspls lemme know. thanks!

ok random note. im superdubs to the power of 10 broke now. but really got improve. its the 4th now. i only needa to endure 11 more days. beats the past records of spending all my cash within 5 days. i will work hard and improve on it. =) ive been resisting sales with all my life.

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  1. joel
    December 3, 2007 at 6:59 pm

    yes quit!so you have more time for us. i secretly can’t wait for wed night. HAHAHa. MY VRIGIN TRY

  2. pepperonicheese
    December 4, 2007 at 3:19 am

    hahaha. see how la.
    wow, coming out from you sounds a bit weird man. haha.
    pls can. i super cant wait or wed. haha it’ll be shihui’s and cx’s too.
    i think i will secretly cry. damn sad la. all of u gg into army. i’ll miss you guys lik crap!

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