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color pencils

im totally in love with art. ahems. art as in art. shutup you guys who thinks otherwise. hahaha.

i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 20th century fashion totally.
i really suck at drawing figures so i guess im sticking back to the templates. need more practice i guess. havent been drawing for quite some time. years to be exact. but whoooooopee! the colours and stuff, Georgette love my work. she say ive got my own style of doing it. love the compliments. seee, art nvr fails to give me the best feeling in the world.

sigh. sometimes i wonder if what im doing now is what i really like.
sales? management? how long can it last. how far can i go. ah, whatever. finish up the stupid bond and see how it goes.
i kinda like the idea of traveling, just looking around, getting inspirations, gg for muesums, do some art work and getting recognised for my work.

omgs! i know what i really want now! i wanna have my own art exhibition. yes! thats what i want. i think i’ll die a happy person if i ever manage to fulfill it. its my dream. finally, i have a dream.

but. guess its darn difficult. i needa snap back to reality.

an amateur’s wishful thinking. =/

fyi. i usually blog at night when the brain isnt really functioning well. so that explains all my mistakes. my english is not fantastic. but i do know that theres like alot of errors here and there in the entries when i read it when im awake. but i just cant be bothered to correct them. so just go away and read a dictionary or something.

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