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my fav. boys

today was totally exhuasting.
overslept and cabbed down town to get my jab. thank god the doc was super nice and professional. i super hate injections. and yeap, i din cry. haha. went down heeren to satisfy my wanton mee craving, then shop around for sj’s prom stuff. i srsly totally love shopping for guys stuffs. chilled around in the coffee club for and hr or so while sj rest his leg(poor thing, swollen legs from bad fall) and check out looks and styles on the runways, and bid for the jacket in ebay. CHEAP THRILL! SRSLY, i think its damn exciting trying to outbid people. hahaha. its really better than retail therapy. shop a lil more and he went to his gramps house while i wanted to go home to finish out commskills. but thannn, decided to go find joel and tim and help him out with prom too. man, i srsly love this job. hahaha. shop around, went ms to collect my stuff then head over his crib for dinner and watch friends. damn tired.

1st day of work tmr at dempsey. srsly, im so not looking forward to it. i regret it now tt all my jc loves are free, ive got so many dates. hahaha. i dont wanna work no more. and really, the traveling kills everything. booooooo.

i realised for the past one week, ive been sleeping less than 6hrs everyday. this is bad. eyebagsssss! =((((

shit, i have yet to do my sch work. argh.

im getting less materialistic people. =D
im so proud of myself.

ok, im terribly deprived. i really need sleep.

how how how. my assignments. screammmmms. wails.

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