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strawberry women. hahaha


i thank you for all the stuffs you did, though it kinda even out with those times tt u pissed me (most recent one being the darn trip) . anyhow, i think its damn sweet, and i really appreciate it. im thankful that you manage to get back into my life after the major-retarded-i-cant-rmb-much-now-though dispute we had then. haha, i’ll really miss you real bad soon. though i’ll definitely laugh at your GIGANTIC botak head. my shopping partner, the one who always help me take my bag when its heavy, lemme wear his flops while walking back home cause i dying from the pair of killer heels where you’ll be trying to walk in my heels then decide to go barefooted, initiating to meet up for suppers and stuff, asking me to study with u at mac when u know i’ll be damn bored at home, be there for stuffs tt i deem as important, accompany me for various redundant random craps, the one i’ll call if im gg through rough times, anti depressant, my music station, my 7 eleven, and the one who will wake up early to acc me for my jabs, and many more(which includes the negatives, but shall be nice now.hahahaha). awwwwwww. yes though i dont say/show it. im touched. but i think it goes the same for u. hahaha. i did most of the things there some way or another. so yea. both of us have high expectations in friends and i think weve both make the mark. we both have fantastic personalities. HAHAHAHAHAHA. sooooooooooooooooo, stick around. and pls delete the darn cherry photoooooooo!

ok, i think srjc prom is damn fun. im so regretting gg to a poly now. ahhhhhh. if i chose to stick around, i’ll be graduating soon! hahahah. whatever.

and i really really really think men shouldn complain tt theres limited things they can wear and play around with. i mean, goshhhhhh! looking at the runways, i feel like gg for a sex change.

guysguysguys clueless what to wear. check this out.

i so love the scarfed look. hahahaha. its like so damn hot and sexy.

ok, so i think ive made some major changes. so the problem doesn really lies in me now i guess. its you.
if a slut says “hello, how are you?” you’ll think tt shes trying to hit on you. trying to flirt around and stuff.
but if its a granny tt says the same thing. you’ll think tt shes v nice and sincere and warm.
its your perception. is what you think.
so im disappointed tt you could not see where im coming from. but yea, i know there are always prone to be miscommunication and stuffs lik this, so i’ll explain. but than, too much of explaining is darn tiring and i think its gunna be so darn pointless. so yea, whatever.
everyones around us are so sick of it and so am i. guess you too.

getting my phone nxt week! finally! ahhh. and i went shopping today and manage to refrain myself from buying anything. ok, maybe just stock up on my sugar inventory from marksandspencer. hahaha. but i dropped the jeans, the cardigan, the 3 quarts pants, and the pumps. =D good job me. =D

JABS TMR. holy crap. im srsly terrified. dread dread dread dread. thankgod sj’s gunna be there.

ok sleep! nights world.

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