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cityhall in my mind, met last night.

im so freaking sick of icecream. pukes.
i cant even stand looking at the word, icecream.(gag!)

whipped up everything on the menu today, and the 10 of us have to finish them all. holy cow.
anymore icecream for me, im gunna start mooing and soon enough i think i can audition for B&J’s mascot.

but the milkshake’s damn nice.

i think one of the staff at gwc sasa recognised me, and gave me the weird look today. shitonthedouble.

twinlove said i smell like icecream and waffles. =/

training again tmr. im getting sick and tired of waking up so darn early and to travel in public transport. morning madness. kill me pls.

upcoming payslip gg to:
debts, back to sch (junkfood?) tees, (cheapmonday?april77?guess?) skinny, (seafolly?) bikini, and get back the same lost phone=( and if possible the GUESS PERFUMEEEEEEEEE! omgsomgsomgsomgsomgsomgsomgs. someone get me tt for christmas plsplsplsplsplspls. i’ll love you like crap.

the new white guess watch’s damn nice too.
saw it in cleo. 235$

Case Colour: Polished stainless steel with jewel studded surround
Dial Colour: Polished black, with day/date/24 hour sub dials, three hand movement and jewel studded bezel
Band Colour: Bracelet effect white rubber

i dont know why theres this black thing at the sides in the photo.

shit. materialism.
pls control yourself wong.

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