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number 1 person

love you many many, deep deep too. happy birthday to you my fav lover! hahaha. sexayyyyyyeee 18!
pls be less man and be more gu niang. AND PLS HORRRRRRRRR. STOP WEARING TEES AND BERMS! the nxt time i see you pls wear dress. hahaha.
anyhowwww, im so sorry, its gunna be a belated celebration. hit the beach once SY is done with the As alrights! =D
i’ll get you bikinissssss! muahahaha. and ok, i’ll tie back my 2 ponytails and dance chinese dance with the ribbons just for you ok. honored? hahaha.
ok, wishes – pls take care of your health, dont make me nag and worry for you. stop being a deep thinker and you’ll be happier. and study hard and work less. hope money will drop from the sky and hit right smack on your face. and yes, less lards, hotter bod. =D ohhhhhhh! and a lover boy. =D

love you baby. =) happybirthday! 7?8? yrs of friendship and many more yrs to come! and i srsly dont get why we can last so long, besides us both being super stubborn lazy bitches, we are like 2 very different people with totally different personalities. hahaha. owell. lets just say we owe each other in our previous lives. hahahaha. =)))))

lessons = draggggg.
i think im gunna flunk a&p. boooooo.

on the happier note, went down cityhall after sch to get my stuffs. and teh nvr fail to make me laugh, so much tt my jaw hurts. haha.
i love the girls. YES BABIES! TMRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. hahahahah.
ive came out with the forfeits alrdy. muahahhahaha. bungee at clarke. brazillian at strip. zombie jumps. AND BREAD! the bread! hahahah.
some gay shit.


owells, im super tired now, but theres still tuts due tmr for fashion=( and ive yet to pack my stuff and go dig my twister out. booo. and i needa wake up at 7 in the morning. i think i need plenty of caffeine to last me through the night. bet there wont be any sleeping for us all. hahaha.

okay babies. see you around!

ps. dear hardcore muggers for As. im so sorry this chalet have to be this week end. if not, i’ll be more than happy to have you guys around. i din invite doesn mean i dont care, cause i dont wanna tempt/affect/whatsoever you. i love you guys and pls study hard. just 2 more sickening weeks and its FREEEEEEEEEEDOMMMMM, and you guys shall party like theres no tmr. hahaha.

i miss you all like crap. and yes, the stupid As is really straining all our friendships. but we’ll be alright. =D i just know.

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  1. huifen
    November 9, 2007 at 11:52 pm

    hahah! thanks bitch~!
    hahah! ok! i’ll try my best to change man.
    hope to see you soon!

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