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again and again and again.

November 6, 2007

the previous entry is suppose to be edited. but now. its gunna stay at it is.


super disappointed.

i think its karma. for what i dont know.

dont talk to me about it if u dont wanna get bomb for no reason.

its not funny at all to bring it up high and low and high and low again. cb la. i dont wanna be nice. im not a saint ok.

tantrum brewing.

breathe numees breathe. happy thoughts many many.

its my fault. i should nvr even think about it in the 1st place.

realised this few days ive been disappointed non stop. any more major ones i think im sinking into depression.

i think tts the reason y things got so bad the previous time. its coming back again. different beliefs, different definition, different logic. humans. damnit. sometimes i wish theres a default template for everyone.

ok, should stop thinking. this is getting even more depressing.

work work work work it awayyyy

ok, at least theres still sat to look forward to. shots. absoluts.
consolation? at least? i hope.

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