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family is srsly the best thing on earth. esp mums.
i love you momma.
i know ive always been v v v fortunate.

esp on the day i lost my phone. my face was like droopys(u know, the cartoon. the very very sad dog) and the whole family went into emergency mode. my mums is lieke more than nice to me, gave me the best hugs and lemme cry on her tummy. hahah, i always like to do tt when im unhappy. always tell her i want to crawl back in.
she tolerated my crap attitude and tantrums and bought me 3 baskets of strawberries the nxt day cause i said i wanted berries. my dad wanted to nag me initally, hahahah. but his tone immed change when he saw my expression then shut up shortly. my youngest bro was nice too and gave me a “hug”(he is trying to be manly). even the fucker din fought with me over the connection.
sigh, i love you family.
and friends u guys are super sweet. love love!
i lost my phone but well, i got lotsa love from everyone. good and bad.

went out with momma today to get my sim card replaced.
$500. darn. =(
lobangs anyone?

she really dotes on me, major.
brought me lingerie shopping to cheer me up and got me the lazenza ones tt ive been eyeing for with her birthday money my ahma gave her today.
went secret recipe for some happy food for dinner cause both of us are craving for cakes. haha. its like ages since ive have a proper un-grumpy conversation with her.
i told her the world thinks ive changed, and she agreed.
said tt i have a very bad temper now.
i told her it always been like this. she say its getting from bad to worst. so i decided to be less a brat and be nicer and patient to her.
she say she agree with the rest of the world tt ive been spending way too much too.
but we both agree tt its hereditary. my ahma and dad. they are spendthrifts too. my ahma can buy the whole supermarket in a day and can nvr ever resist sales and discounts no matter how crappy it is. and talk about impulse buying, shes the queen. and my dad will spend on his money on luxury stuffs and good food if not for the fact tt he needs to support the family.

speaking of supermarket. quick people. prices for butters are gunna rise in a coup of days time. quick! stock up!

i realise tt if my mum isnt my mum, she can be my good friend.
she secretly likes the things i do even though she have to disagree with me for the sake of my well being.
i think she is having a hard time balancing her own curiosity and her responsibilities. haha!

i love my momma! =D


ALL THE BEST FOR As! you guys pls give it your best shot alrights! after all this crazy mugging, im sure you can do it. gogogo! dont worry! =D hang in there! liberty day soon! =D

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