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down you go

TODAY IS AN AMAZING DAY! my mum got abducted by aliens.

mum: have you eaten? (dinner)
me: uhhhh. *cheeky laugh. yeap.
mum: what did you eat?
me: the 2 pcs of kuay you steamed in the morning lorh.
me: nope. diet. (actually im just lazy)
mum: YOU DIET FOR WHAT! you still needa diet meh?
me: *show her thighs tummy and arms **secretly happy. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. she rarely(RARELY MAJOR RARELY) says im slim(indirectly counts too) weird hearing it from her.

darn. i hate sch. i miss my hols. its so much more fun then.
i cant wait for the nxt hols. im only looking forward to 9th 10th 11th chalet(crossing my fingers), 15th payday, and 27th parrrrtayy! =D yes, i need out.
2727272727272727272727!!!! hopefully its fun. =D

peel banana peel peel banana!

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