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i really hate it when my mood fluctuates. ALOT.
just like a roller coaster. -.-

todays all well. 85 with my loves was fun and satisfying. every thurs yea?

but now, everything’s crashing. emo emo emo. =( even the internet connection failed me and i had to force my bro to bed so i could use it.
ive been emoing str after dinner.

damn it. i wanna cry and i dont know y. sigh.
i feel… empty?
this is a classic case of hormonal imbalance due to the secretion of oestrogens and shit, i forgot whats the other one. ahhhhhh! progestrerone. =D i love bio.

fuck you worldddddd.

im addicted to THE FRAY’s how to save a life recently.

and i totally love my cds. 20th century fashion. and guess what. whoooooooo, wer gunna watch movies like grease and hairspray and vids of endless fashion shows from millan, nyc, paris, london, yadayadaaa. =D love it totally.
now tts a happy thought.


tmrs sick. 45 mins of consultation and im done with sch. and i have to reach by some bloody 9am. greaaaaaat. =/

and every fri im gunna stone from 9.45 all the way till 2pm. gayness. maybe i should go for my drive practs then. but tt’ll be ditching jacq and jo alone. so, monopoly yea? hahahaha.


im missing my yanting and co.

wanna go sentosa again and sunbath my day away. it makes me happy.

im roasted now. drats. ITS PEELINGGGGGG. boooooooo.

heres a mood lifter. credits sj. yes i love it. Number 2. the antifur one still wins.

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