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do what you like

(VERY jumbled random thoughts)

its an official off day for our class. ahem, NOT self proclaimed. its 100% legal. im good, have been gg to all the 9am(MFG AND ITS LIKE FREAKING WONDERFUL WEATHER TO SLEEP IN) morning lects! =DDDDDDD 2 days only though. but its something.
im burnt. like crap. burning all over. and i cant sit still. burnt ass. hahaha.
wonder what i should do tmr. hmmmmmmm. many many options.

anyhow, today was eventful. srsly laugh the shit outta me. and im beat.
SRSLY if anyone ever wanna eat sakae sushi, PLS SUPPORT MS OUTLET. the service is fantastic. =D love the people there.
hahahaha, and the person actually charge us for 1 person share instead of 6. but well, karma. we decided to pay em back. good happy kid us. =D


ben&jerrys. plsplsplspls call me n TWIN LOVE soon! though the form is like the crappiest shit tt ive written in my entire life. hahahahahah. srsly anyhow.
chewy’ve gotten some good lobangs for me. ADVENTURES! =D srsly tempting me like crap. my heart and soul is saying a mega yes, but then. the brain. =(
sometimes i really hate to be so logical and rational.(ok, only for certain aspects for my life)
hopefully the person can agree to what ive proposed, then viola. im really gunna ditch my redhot100%deeptanningoil for mega sunblock. hahaha.

SPRINTS TODAY! srsly sprints are kinda liberating when u are under stress or u need some fast doses of cheap thrills. i kinda miss those sch days where the few of us spppppppppppppppppppppppprrriiiiiinttttttttttttt around the stupid nvss field with our backpacks and files/chembookwhatevershit in our hands to chase after bus 87. classic man. but v v v v funny.
oh, and i srsly hate people who smoke in parks. im like &#^@$*&@#^(! people running and working out here are trying to prolong their pathetic life, trying to be healthy and yet u crap shits there happily smoking puffing away killing us all while we breathe in deeply. fantastic. and childish people who keep playing around with the laser thing. i mean comeon la. even my youngest bro grew out of it. sj and i are so tempted to call the police. hahahaha. its harassment. but we chickened out. loser us.

i literally flung my phone on the floor today. its more than cranky now. sigh. damn it. i like this phone.

1 more mnth. work hard ok all my jc loves. i love you guys. 1 more bloody mnth. hang on! and lets party after tt!

ok. neeeed sleep.

sigh. burnt. but at least tanned. and looking alive.

PHOTOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! pls dont judge. just us having fun. and babes. u guys are all pretty enough for me =D
though we look crappy in some photos. hahahah. but pls la. who can look 24/7 pretty.

ok, i can barely open my eyes in the sentosa photos. but yea. whatever.




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  1. SJ
    October 24, 2007 at 2:58 pm

    i realise u nv mention my name! all these late run run is with me k! u dun acknowledge me lo

  2. pepperonicheese
    October 24, 2007 at 3:08 pm

    sj: LOLS! WHATTTT! i did! thanks for the late runssssssssssss. SJ ROCKS. haha. eh, u better train and postpone your ns date ok.

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