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hello my name is abalone. enchante!

  • felt so uper humiliated. – happily walked out of the cafe without paying. so darn embarrassing and the waiter have to chase after us. thank god the boss knows we’re regs. hahahhahaha.
  • my dear forever messy hair finally grew and evolved into a tiny ponytail(cues pokemon music) =D I CAN FINALLY TIE MY HAIR NOW!
  • feels like im back in sec sch! =DDDDDDDDD was preparing for my run and felt so happy when i saw myself in the mirror. hahaha, short ponytail, fbt, big tee, socks, sports shoe and my signature messy look. viola, i look just like those days in sec sch preparing for PE lessons. awwwwwww. im miss floorball and captainsball.
  • went over to the police post to return report a lost and found. ima good citizen =D hahahah. while waiting the police officer to complete our nvr ending paperwork, a chinese uncle came in to make a report too. i was made the translator again. he saw a girl lying near some drain with a bunch of teenagers. rape case. sick world. =( really hope shes alright. but judging from the time spent for all those explaining and informing and traveling, i think shes done. those bastards, hope they rot in hell.
  • i really detest people with zero competency and efficiency. im gunna give the bloody bitch 1 more chance and she better do something about it if not im gunna make sure she lose her job.stupid people.
  • byebye brown eyes, hello gray-eyed monster, me =D
  • im totally addicted to the wantonmee in hereen all thanks to yt and jas =d
  • ok im done cooling down! time to bathe! =D byeeeeeeee world.
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