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yest was fun.
went zouk like finally! was fun! really fun, but dont worry loves, im not clubber material. its gunna be a once in a while thing for me=) and really gotta thank mel for saving me from lotsa wandering hands and scary monsters. hahahaha
and i nvr expected the D&D to be this high too.
hahaha. and the red wine rocks. really really nice.
all of them look really pretty too. =D
and ive finally got to see YASMEEN!
and its really nice to see everyone outta their usual attires. (high waist pants *gasp ugly uniform) hahaha.
im gunna miss them like crap. dec is gunna be depressing, working without them. then again, i really needa learn to get used to it.
and i really needa learn canto.
and i reallyreallyreallysupdubs feel bad for ditching really nice people thr alone. karma so gunna get me. darn. im so sorry!
ok, enough of craps. photos! obtw, hahaha, their goodies bags are really solid. hahaha. lotsa not-so-typical goodiesbaggish stuff in it.
amen! my trying-v-hard-to-slim-down work buddy. haha.
doris, sm from hk. ahem.
anna! the hardcore smoker. really dotes on me and really fun to be with. on of those who make sure im always well fed. ok, way more then well fed. hahaha.
ice! the i-can-ask-her-everything. another doter. who gave me lotsa nice stuffs and advice.
karin. area manager. who can be reaaaally crazy and fun. haha. and i love her hp ringtone. really nice jazz. barely know her but yea, whatever.
yvonne, the powerseller. really hardcore seller. =)
magdeline. haha, v cute person.
ANA! nurwanna weng, i love her to the max. always asking me to fuck spiders, slap my ass and my nonexistence boobs, crazy women, andddddd freaaaaaaaaking nice! always helping me out, and always FEEDING ME LIKE CRAZY. and most imptly, tolerate my really really bad habit of being late. i love u babe! i’ll reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally miss you like crazy.
noreen. love her style. and her hair. damndamn cool. and she can get me mac and ck discounts! =D
tania. regional head. the one who determines my future. ahem. (srsly, i really duno what the hell was i thinking when i went up to her to take a pic.)
and finally! YASMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN! i havent seen her for like a yr? my gosh. i missed her! endless fun with her.

ok, im real tired.
tmrs another busy day.

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