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i like the maybes

today is a special day,
cause today ive decided to start learning how to whip up(without the microwave) some edible dishes or such, like how my mum always wish her daughter was. =D
and ive decided to get the afro look before my 19th birthday. LOLS. yes. im serious. no one can change my mind. ok at least for now. needa get reaaaaaaaaaaal tanned, skinny, so i can pull off DA HAIR!(i really really really think the afro hair is really damn cool) maybe learn the accent too. hahahaha. so nxt time if anyone ask me if im a mixblood again, i can fake an afro outta me. =p

wiped out from work. this crazy schedule is killing me. me and amen decided to be guinea pigs and try out the dieting candy from jap. yes sasa actually sells edible food. *oh no! hahahaha. hopefully it wont kill us. its suppose to make u feel v full when it expand like a candyfloss in your tummy after drinking 500ml of water after each candy, and able to satisfy our cravings for snacks. hot item in jap. lols. no im not obsess with slimming people. dont worry. im just trying for fun. cause it really looks quite yummy. hahaahaha.

1) List out your top 5 birthday presents u wish for: 5 isn enough.

2) The person who tagged u is: joel

3) Your relationship with him is: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

4) Your 1st 5 impressions of him: BITCH BITCH BITCH GAY GAY. lols.

5) The most memorable thing he had done for you: a-math savior.

6) The most memorable words that he had said to u: seeeeemunn ni da bian hen chuo!!!!!!!

7) If he becomes your lover, you will? LAUGH. and die.

8) If he’s your lover, what he has to improve on: nthing. i would be dead by then.

9) If he becomes your enemy, you will? BRING OUT THE TORTURE TOOLS BABY!

10) If he becomes your enemy, the reason is: we are being boliao.

11) The most desire thing you would like to do for him now is?: gladly help him have fun. study hard ar!

12) Your overall impression of him: extremely dogmatic. BITCH BITCH BITCH. i love u still la.

13) How do you think people around u will feel about u: random

14) The character u love about yourself is: random

15) On the contrary, what character u hates about yourself: random

16) The most ideal person I would like to be: catherine zeta jones.

17) For the people who cared & liked you say something to them: i love u too =D

18) Pass this quiz to 10 people that u wish to know how they feel about u.

#1 joel
#2 sj
#3 f.tan
#4 f.teh
#5 twinlove
#6 cx
#7 carol
#8 mel
#9 jacq
#10 sh

Who’s #2 having relationship with: who is he not having a relationship with? LOLS

Is #9 a female/male: female

If #1 & #10 be together, will it be a good thing: it will be interesting. HAHAHAHHA

When was the last time you chatted with #3: yest night. emotional flutters eh. LOLS.

#2 studying at: srjc.

What kind of music does # 8 like: indie. yes?no?

Does #6 has any siblings? : yes.

Will u woo # 3? : LOLS. may i? hahahahahaha

How about #7?: too much on her plate alrdy. lols.

Is #4 single: no.

Surname of #5: TAN!

What’s the hobby of #5: swimming

#3 studying at: with me baby! tp.

Have u try developed feelings for #8? LOLS. what kinda feelings?

Where does #9 live: tampines

What colour does #4 like: uhhhhhhhhh. pink?

Are #1 & #3 best friend: they can be! srsly!

Does #7 like #2?: i wanna know too. lols.

How do you know #2 : random classmate tt clawed his way into my life.

Does #5 has pet: dog. argh.

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  1. mel
    October 2, 2007 at 8:10 pm

    damn imba. hahaha.

  2. pepperonicheese
    October 6, 2007 at 5:39 pm

    imba, i bet u 1 plate of charquaytiao no one knows whats tt.

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