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sometimes i really get frustrated with myself for doing things tt i know is simply stupid.
no matter how rational i tried to be, im just not strong enough to stop myself. its like committing suicide.
women are ruled by emotions. guess tts so fucking true.
ok craps. headaches.

late nights ended up with groggy mornings.
fantastic sunny day again. haha!
met the felicias for some essential stuffs, and went for my facial. hilarious i tell u. plsplspls nvr sleep during facial sessions when u know u will snore.
hahahahah. i was there relaxing and everything, then suddenly, SNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNCCCCC……… SNNNNNNNNCCCCCC. im like wtf, and its like a nonstop kinda thing. freaking loud snoring symphony. LOLS. v v v irritating. so darn tempted to throw my towel over.

this mnth is so sick srsly, we really really really hafta rob the bank soon. theres so many events this mnth and ive got only 7 bucks left in my bank. i swear i havent been shopping much, and not spending so much on fine dinning, and only cabbed ONCE for the entire mnth. and have yet to buy the necessities. =( my D&D tt ive got no choice but to attend(thank god they changed the theme to glamor night!) gunna take up at least another 100. birthdays! my gosh, ive got so many impt virgos and libras in my life.
freaking irritating. i needa be extra sweet to my folks now.
dont nag you-know-who-you-are, im controlling alrdy. its just tt theres too many events this mnth

im so goddamn emo just now digging my hair products tt i no longer use for ana who recently permed her hair. =/ WAILSSSSSSSSS! i miss my hair! TWIN SAVE 1 BIRTHDAY WISH FOR ME! wish my hair back! hahahaha.

this is sin.

bye nxt mnth allowance. hello pretty burberry bag. your fault carol.

sentosa, cafedelmar, billybombers.
loves, start shopping for your beachwear and such. and most imptly, DIET, JOG, GYM, SWIM, those pesky flabs away! lols.

realised this hols is really super packed, time really really flies. oh sch, pls dont start so soon.
then again, im looking forward to the overseas buying trip this time, australia is so much better then korea. =D

nights people.
morning madness for me tmr. work is a drag. im literally taking over the store manager’s work. would be happier if she gave me her pay too. well, at least her thankyous have increased. pffft.

and happy birthday my not v likeable brother.

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