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vinegar and salt

ok. MR project is due tmr.
and we just started today.
20 plus pages due tmr 5pm.
we are not even done with findings.
my group is screwed.
but i dont care now.
ive just slacked through the whole damn thing.
i know this is damn ass but i dont wanna be the one who stay up all night, freak out, get all stressed up becuase of it.
im being kinda anal, but no. im just gunna be the leech for once this time. ok not excatly leech, i’ll still do my part, recommendation and limitations and tts all.
but i’ll still pray tt we can at least pass=)
yeap, might not be fair to my team mates, but hey! ive slogged like shit for 1st avenue.
so, sorry teammates. hate me if u want, i dont care now. im just living my life for weekends. SIMPSONS AND POTTER AND PLENTY OF SLEEP! =D
and twinnie, hang in there. i love u still. i’ll do your part for finance. i promise. i need my break.

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