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when life give me lemons. i’ll just drown in lemonades. and die.

im lying if i say im happy now.
cuase if i am. i wont be blogging at this time.
every part of my life is screwing up. or at least it seems so to me now.
the thing about growing up is tt uve gotta solve your problems yourself.
and theres no one to help you do it anymore.
yes, theres still shoulders to lean on, moral support and the cheering ups.
but then, tts all they can do. cuase problems become more complex as u grow older and only u can truely understnd it yourself.
tts where things get a lil lonely hopeless and helpless sometimes.
ok this is crap.
im just a lil messed up now.
i needa rant. if not i’ll erupt.
i tend to keep things to myself. its bad. but whats the point in telling.
u’ll feel slightly good, yes.
but for only a while. and then everything is till there, unchanged.
only thing might just be more peeps assuming they know how u feel and everything. or worst still just patronising remarks.
ok i realise whats the problem now.
im pms-ing.
i need a somebody to hear my rants. and give me the correct responds i want(impossible i know).
so nope.
i just need to end this entry now, stop thinking and make myself miserable, go to sleep and tmr will be a better day. =)

random note. i wanna learn surfing. badly.

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