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1st avenue madness.

i just feel like breaking down and cry.
ok over statement. haha.
but its really stressful.
its really stupid of us doing diys, me jol jacq have been screwing(ok sounds so wrong), drilling, glueing, hammering, and all sorts of things for the past many many countless days.
its darn gross can.
we are all srsly willingly to pay more for accessories now.
so peeps. pls support can.
at least let me breakeven =))
and if we manage to earn a profit, part of it will be off to charity=)))))))
good karma.
SUPPORT 1st AVENUE! and my other rmt mates.
if im not wrong my store will be open from 16th till 28th this mnth(closed on thurs!).
comeee!! buyyyyyy!!!! lovesssssss!

mans… im super dubs broke.
$20 to last till 15th!
ok i hear lecturings and naggings over thereeee.
and worst still.
i just reserved a dress and have to pay them within the nxt 2 days.
and i saw a super dub pretty necklace. omgs.omgs. its lik 20 over but jacq says she can get me discounts. but tmrs the last day. =(
and i really really really need to but my lens.
and get a haircut.
getting more and more unglamer.
i need $150.
mums broke too.

i miss fel and company.
and surprisingly, my sasa colleagues.

this is gunna be over soonn! hang in there everyone!

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