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i swore i have never ever spend so much on toys before.
and ive never ever shop for literally one whole day NONSTOP. i repeat NONSTOP!
it was crazy!
sourcing for the stocks is indeed a major headache! budgets, market preference blahblah. hell! its so much easier shopping for yourself. you like you just buy. and even if its implusive, the consequences isn tt bad as compared to buying in bulks.
i think i can never be a buyer in the future. im very prone to buying things implusively. and i cannot handle money! thank god the rest of the grp members were there!
it was fun gg out with my members. hahhaha. we do retarded fun crazy things! (whatever moron get the picture. LOLS! *inside joke.)
im damn tired now.
and tmr is yet another long day. =((((((((
and i havent really start shopping for myself!!!!!!!!!!!!! GSS!!!!!

hols not at all relaxing!
ive got tons of stuffs to doooooooo.
so irritating. but then, hahah, i din waste my life away. =D

6 more days and its back to sch!
tmr for project.
wed sch work day.
thurs for my super belated mini birthday celebration. =D yays!
fri WORK. eww. (peeps if you need anything from sasa lemme know before fri k)
sat well deserved rest.
sun some family thing in the morning.

ok. damn tired. ciaos.
and today i realise theres quite a few cute guys around my neighbourhood. hahhahaha.

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