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eh eh hello

thank god charm was there to figure things out tog and save me from the “my mum gave me the wrong card!” situation.
hahaha. thanks babe! and lets source for nicer nasi lemaks. =D

and i really cant stand my supervisorrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!
ok, not only me. everyones quitting becuase of her.
i told her today, straight in her face TO STOP ACTING CUTE!
i mean act like your age can!
AND SHE *&%$%#0-(%)&*%$# TREAT ME LKE A BABY! yes BABY! SHE BABY TALK TO MEEEEEEEE!the coooeing and allllll. OMGSSSSS. just kill me pls.

and im gunna get hockey stickkkkkkkk =DDD

ok. pretty random entry.
ive got nthing much to share.

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