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my fav. babes in the world

ok i look super tired. so are the rest of the photos.

junior camwhore!
okok. im the producer cum director cum cameramen cum logistics cum every other roles.
yt the magician. and cx the guineapig.
hahahah. cameraaaaaaaaaaaaa rolllll!

cut! take 2!

evil magician and the not so innocent happy victim.

abracadabarbilibalihomha! change this pretty babe into spastic spongebob!

(ok i know it doesn rhymes at all so just create your own dialog k.)

muahahahahaahahahah! success!

tadaaa! credits to our dear old yt and cx.

umbrellas and more umbrellas.
shunu’s wannabe. hahahah.
eh! i also wanna play!
okok.hahahah. just wanna comwhore a bit.
wad! not happy huh.

“dont preach! cause i know whats right and whats not.”
“i just wanna be happy so just let me be.”
“i dont wanna think about it anymore.”
“everything is so much simpler when im in my comfort zone.”
“whhhhhhhhhhy is everything so frustrating.”
“whhhhhhhhhy cant i control myself.”
“i dont wanna be responsible, sensible, sensitive or nice or whatever.”
“life is sick.”


i think im kinda looking forward to tues, gunna slog for a week without worries, without anyone to judge. paper work and my beloved pails and rags, here i come! hahahahhaha. this is sadist man. to think i actually look forward to doing all these horrible maid kinda work. life must have really sucked.

ive got tons of stuffs to do!!
i needa get my lappy and phone fixed.
i needa get my ass on the projects and start planning for my group and complete those darn surveys. major ewwwwww!
i needa shop. and really buy stuffs tt i really needa fast. like a new pair of wrking shoes before tues! URGENTLY with blinking neon lights.
i needa have fun.
i need sleep.

ok, all this is darn irritating. shant continue.



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