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wooooooooo. i think ive figured y i cant blog.
mozilla on this desktop doesnt allows blogger to work.
strange. but anyway, i so gotta show you this!

more photos as soon as i get my lappy fixed. i promise.(for the kazillion times i know)
MR seriously sucked suck sucks SUCKKKKKKKKK!
like srsly wth. shant complain anymore cuase i think this subject is srsly sick.


and im done with dieting since im not gg sentosa for the time being.=p it really sucked. but im still sticking back to the small meals and no supper plus excercising regime.
oya, somebody plsplsplsplspls plan some gathering at sentosa or whatever park or place to cycle/tan/volleyball, kayak/picnic(i bought a picnic basket and havent got to use it just yet!=D)/wadsoever, JUST FOR ONE TINY WINY BITE SIZE DAY. i really really really miss those funfunfun outings.(dont tell me you dont!) and plsplspls, everyone try to make it k. ESP SHIHUI TT AUSSIE ASS! ****and hannah, i figured the sombody will be me. i will plan, cause apparently joel sj shihui will be busily muging for As, and the rest gotta work their ass off for money. im being considerate so pls cooperate k. dont make me angry. im busy too.****
okok, bye everyone. im gunna be a hardcore mugger this year sem, just to prove im not stupid. just lazy.

plenty of loves!

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