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OMFG! lucky lucky lucky day! i managed to LOG INNNN! and the stupid PUBLISH POST button is available. =DD
so lets not waste this precious chance to blog.

coup days ago, me and cx was chatting about random stuffs and end up talking about sg girls.
we both agreed sg girls in general have very common faces(just take a look at miss singapore universe.) and we realise that in general people with small faces are catagorised as “pretty” (unlesss u look like ET. tts another thing).
and when we come to this conclusion. both of us felt veryyyyyyy depressed.
cx said she was born with a chubby face. (cues sad emo music)
i said i used to have a small face. until i eat too much bread and soak myself in the water. everything just expanded. (cues even sadder and even more emo music)
but i think the saddest person in the word is spongebob granny.
pls go search if you dont know how she looked like. i cant risk my one and only chance to blog.

AND pls praise ME if u got the chance.
ive been a very good girl spending my weekend mugging.
i really really really mugged and did all my finance tuts and fought all temptations to sit in front of the teevee/com to cultivate more flabs.
but yea, the modules this sem are quite easy i gotta say, at least mugging for BBfin and RVM wasn such a pain in the ass and doesn really took up alot of my time. so even if i sleep my whole afternoon away i wouldn feel so guilty, at least i completed 2 subs. wheeeeeee. i havent felt tt for a long time.

i need an occasion to dress up. I WANNA REALLY REALLY REALLY DRESS UP AND BE REAL GLAMOUROUS TO THE MAX. cuase i just feel so ugly nowadays. ugly and fat and ugly. and fat.
esp fat. out of boredom, i went through my past retarded photos and was facinated by how my fats level fluctuate since pri sch. i used to be really skinny skinny skinny, scary skinny, gasp! that kinda skinny which is ugly skinny, and i NEVER have to watch what i eat. then sec sch onwards esp after working at mcdonald’s i grewwwwwwwwwwwww, GREW. horrible. this is where i got all my stretch marks and all sorts of ugly stuffs. my ass was the worst. i got HUGE ass. and worst still small boobs. horrible. and then i began to be v conscience about my body. and those irritating whinnings about flabs and everything came. bimbo shit. and now. im still constantly whinning and complaining. i know im not FAT fat. but argh. girls are just plain irritating when it comes to this. things like our body and money are just some stuffs we’ll NEVER be contented with. even if u give me some DIVA WHOOLALA sexy body, i’ll still complain something like “argh, my boobs is too big. my nipples is not pink enough. my figure is too hourglass its too boring ” or something likett. irritating i know.
so conclusion. i’ll just keep complaining and the earth continue spinning. girls will always have this lifelong tugawar with fat, the ultimate villlian in the world.
ok, i dont know y i blogged about this really pointless chunk but just bear with it k, i haven blogged properly for many days.

i needa start gss raiding.
i needa start getting some really nice tan back, meaning SENTOSA. which also means many hard work to get a tannable body. diet diet diet excercise excercise paraniod paraniod STARVE.
and sadly i gotta spend half of the hols working while my fellow poly darlings fly to korea for some hardcore shopping(pls get souvinours for mee! hahaha =DD) which also means CHILLING AT WHITE TANG AFTER WORK, SJ AND JOEL! pls study hard in the morning and come out at night.
and after that projects will be kicking my ass.
wakeboarding is super duper uber extremely fun. i wanna go do it again so pls go with me ok. =DD
no worries if you haven tried it. its gunna be super fun even the falling into the sea part. im a beginner too. but if u are scare tt u’ll drown even with lifejackets, u are a loser and i will drown you.

ok im gunna go bathe and continue studying. ve got the momentum.
wish me luck people!
i love you! =p

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